MACRO voted as Runner Up in 2013 SARA award

From Daryl Keeley, MD of MACRO.

As you can imagine, we hadn’t really hoped to be telling everyone that we were the runner’s up.
MACRO was definitively in this to win the SARA award, so of course we are disappointed that we didn’t, but I suppose if you are destined to lose, then coming second against this particular group of prestigious competitors is quite an honour in itself.
With over 14,000 recruiters in Australia, being voted as Australia’s favourite recruitment agency was always going to be hard-fought contest.
While we can’t pretend that we are happy about coming second, it has been a privilege to take part.
We would like to say a big “thank you” to everyone involved.

Thank you SEEK for creating a well-run national contest that inspires the recruitment industry to lift it’s service level benchmark.
Thank you to all that voted for MACRO, your words of encouragement will long be remembered well after the dust has settled.
Thank you to everyone that voted in the SARA awards.
Regardless of whomever you voted for, your participation leads to encouraging the professionals in this often thankless and competitive industry to stay.

In the end, the result was very close and but we came second. Kudos to the winner, and we look forward to next year.


MyCareer labels MACRO's advertisement response as "Outstanding" and "Extraordinary".

MACRO's conversion rate of jobseekers to applicants from adverts placed on Mycareer's site has been labeled as "Outstanding" and "Extraordinary" by Rebecca Alexander, Mycareer's Business Development Manager. The conversion rate is calculated on the number of jobseekers that view a summary of an advert and decided to click through and view the full advert details.

Currently MACRO's conversion rate for job viewers to job applicants is almost twice that of Mycareer's entire site average.

Within MACRO's niche specialties MACRO converts 250% more engineers, 160% more ITC, 530% more scientists and 125% more aviation related jobseekers to applicants than the average employer or recruiter using Mycareer's site. MACRO uses the same techniques to attract job applicants on SEEK, CareerOne, JobsX and Linkme, so similar figures are likely across these sites as well.

Daryl Keeley, director of MACRO believed that these figure were a direct outcome of a long term focus on staff training and inspections of all adverts by MACRO's in-house QA Manager.

MACRO offers an advertisement service wherein the employer can advertise through MACRO at no extra cost than what they would normally pay for online advertisements - and receive a better response rate from jobseekers than what they would expect on average from running the campaign themselves.

MACRO wins another DOD Recruitment Services Panel supplier status 

In January the Department of Defence awarded MACRO a 3 year supplier status for IT Contractors.
Worth upwards of $12 Milliion in IT work for MACRO contractors, this positions MACRO on the three main supplier panels for the DOD.


In August this year MACRO was confirmed as a supplier for ICT Contractor Services Panel.