“I could not believe and was so thrilled that MACRO had the perfect candidate for the position of Senior Project Manager."
    Lilian Lazarevic - Health Outcomes International

    "Thanks MACRO. You just placed a candidate in Sydney for me. Well done. Very efficient indeed."
    Brian K Truman - Vigil Anti Slip

    "Well done MACRO....
    I will need more people in the future as I build the company. I think you are clever individuals that know we have to speculate to accumulate sometimes. I am impressed by the outcome. All that needs to happen now is the people we inject into our structure perform and pull their weight and not give us salesy lip service. So I am looking forward to see what we can do.
    I have a lot on my plate and if competent manpower comes from you it will make my job easier.”
    Tamer Bakr – Managing Director - Big Impact Advertising

    "Candidate is absolutely fabulous, since joining 9 months ago she has grown in leaps and bounds and is now our office manager. She is a very good operator."
    Jim - Australian Banana Growers Council QLD

    Re: MACRO’s Shortlisting Service
    “Has been a fantastic experience. Previously I have worked with other recruiters (charging from the top end of town) to doing it myself. The service is very good and not hellishly expensive. It’s a good niche service for SME companies that don’t have the extra arms and legs needed.”
    Scott Grant, CEO Smart Trade Australia

    We are giving Simon a start.
    Thanks for your help. Looks like we are done.
    I am very happy with the service you guys gave.
    We had a successful outcome.
    I will certainly use you again.
    Thanks for all of your help
    Brian Cox, Manager - Air Care Air Conditioning

    (MACRO's contractor) has worked our quite well. (I am) very happy with what we have seen so far.

    Initially his cv did not raise a blip on my radar, but he has a considerable amount of experience that is allowing us to use him in a number of additional areas.

    Fantastic, happy days

    Bruce  Woodywatt, Manager

    Your candidate summaries are really beneficial for us.

    I like how they, in addition to technical information, tell us where the candidate is at, what they are looking for and their communication."


    "Was in a pickle when first came to you. You had more applicants than what I'd found.
    More than happy with what you've done.
    Great feedback, always good on follow ups.
    Would use you again for other roles in the business."

    Simon Rudd Cobram carpets

    hTrak has used Macro for one placement last year.  In my opinion, the Macro approach to recruitment was very thorough, and genuinely addressed the requirements of hTrak.  This took in all factors that are important to our company in relation to resourcing, including technical ability, but also cultural and organisational fit within the company.  We are currently in the process for recruiting for another role in the company, and we will be using Macro to guide us through the process again.

    Kirk Kikirekov, Managing Director

    Your service has been very consistent and thorough,
    We have happily placed 2 really great staff so far this year through you.
    Thanks for all your attentiveness, and relentlessly sorting through candidates!!

    Vanessa Katsanevakis

    I thought you are very thorough with the reference checks and people who have come through to us. In terms of following up, I felt that you have us 110% in regards to your time and felt that you are honest with all information you have supplied us. We are very comfortable with you and will do business with you once the opportunity comes up.

    Linda Saysanith - Department Head of Property Management



    “I've read some of your articles and tips in your site and I think they are fantastic! They provide very practical insight from a recruiter perspective.”
    Khai Leng
    “I'd just like to thank you and your team for these regular updates.  Although presently employed, I find all of the topics raised in MACRO's Jobseeker Toolkit extremely valuable and insightful. Definitely the number one resource for when seeking the next step in my career.”
    Sean Farrell

    “Could not have been happier with the service from MACRO
    Was really fast, had a really good conversation with Ann, submitted my application and within 24 hours had an interview and an offer!
    Jobs is absolutely perfect
    The job description described to me was accurate
    I have been there for almost 3 months now”

    Sandra Kovac, Placed as a Client Servicing Officer at HLB Mann Judd

    “I have not answered many SEEK ads, but suffice to say, your response far and away outstrips the other agencies”
    Brian Wills

    "MACRO, thank you for selecting me as part of the crew you were sending/recommending for the first interview and the information & the positive feedback you provided to me from that point onwards. Also it is great dealing with friendly, happy & informal people like yourselves, which makes it such a comfortable experience. Something I haven’t experienced with the many other personnel companies I have dealt with."
    Luke Fabris, placed in an Account Executive position with Saferoads Pty Ltd

    “I found dealing with MACRO recruitment a very pleasant experience. The recruiter was prompt and kept me informed through the entire process. A lot of agencies don’t bother to keep the candidate informed but MACRO was different. Things happened very smoothly and I was placed in a position next to no time. As a candidate they were great to deal with.”
    Sarah Jane-Cook - placed as an Administration Officer at Australian Banana Grower’s Council

    Thank you so much for your feedback on this application. Whether the outcome is positive or negative in regards to my application for the position, I do thank Macro for keeping me in the loop.
    Steve Fryar

    Very happy with the person you provided. All going well. We will get back to you next time we need someone.
    David Aarons