RPO Services

(Recruitment Process Outsourced)

  • Potential to reduce cost/hire by as much as 50%.

  • Reduced staff turnover

  • Reduced time to hire

  • Free up more time to focus of HR initiatives.

Finding and recruiting top talent for your workforce can be challenging especially when hiring demands are complex and unpredictable.
If not managed effectively you end up making poor hiring decisions, experiencing high staff turnover, cost increases and an inability to meet the demands of your business.

MACRO RPO partners with your organisation to build a best-practice custom recruitment solution for your level of hiring needs - by giving you everything you need to recruit the right people in the right position at the right time.

As your recruitment volumes fluctuate, whether by temporary projects, outsourcing or growth, we can increase or decrease the resources we provide so you only pay for what you need and control the level of service you need.

Because our Recruitment Executives work within your organisation, they develop a deep understanding of your corporate culture and values and you get 100% of their attention.

Additionally our proprietary processes and assessment tools ensure that we find only the very best candidates. This increases employee retention and improves your organisations competitive advantage.

We do all the leg work you make all the decisions
As a result you will see reduced staff turnover, reduced time to hire and free up more of your time to focus of HR initiatives.

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“MACRO RPO, Your own leading recruitment capability, combining highly skilled recruiters, the latest technology, sophisticated processes and expertise to source market leading talent.”


Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a tactic enterprises often employ because it essentially expands the company’s recruiting power. MACRO RPO is a form of business process outsourcing where an employer transfers all or part of its recruitment processes to MACRO.

MACRO’s recruitment process outsourcing differs from the services of staffing companies and contingent/retained search providers in that it assumes ownership of the design and management of the recruitment process and the responsibility of the results.

MACRO RPO can manage the entire recruiting/hiring process, or can manage one or two aspects of the process, essentially serving as an extension of your human resources department.
MACRO’s RPO solutions are highly customizable and depend on the company’s needs. Functions, such as job profiling, can be added or taken away from the RPO solution.

MACRO RPO can provide and manage; our staff, technology, methodologies and reporting.
In addition, MACRO RPO promotes the company’s brand rather than our own.

“MACRO RPO takes the time to understand your business objectives and build a recruitment process which not only positions your brand as highly attractive but also provides a consistent candidate experience.”

What do you get?

  • MACRO RPO acts as a true extension of your company’s staff.
  • Highly cost-effective.
  • Service level agreements (SLAs) that ensure deliverables are met.
  • Easy to start and stop—without disrupting existing operations.
  • When hiring needs decline, services are suspended, however, the client/vendor relationship remains intact ready to satisfy future needs.
  • Contingency-based placement fees are eliminated.
  • No upfront investment in resources is required. Neither are there early termination fees.
  • No infrastructure expenses or overheads are incurred.
  • MACRO’s team has access to a flexible array of technology tools and recruitment strategies.
  • MACRO can draw on large databases of potential employees.
  • MACRO’s RPO can be engaged for strategic tasks such as candidate pipelining, competitive research and salary surveys.
  • Practical and highly scalable solution for companies of all sizes.
  • Ensures your company is regarded as an 'employer of choice' and the leading employer in your industry
  • Reduces costs significantly
  • Ensures all hiring managers are supported and increasingly competent in making selection decisions that meet future business requirements
  • Improves employee engagement by professionally managing internal movement in a fair and transparent manner
  • Positively impacts employee engagement and fit, leading to a measurable improvement in unwanted attrition and guaranteed lower turnover
  • Ensures candidates have a positive experience each time they engage with your company


What IS RPO?

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is a specialty within recruiting where an external provider (i.e. MACRO RPO) acts as a company's internal recruitment function for a portion or all of its jobs. Typically the recruitment executives are deployed to the client's business premises on a fully outsourced, hybrid or project basis as follows:

  • Fully Outsourced Basis: the client outsources all recruitment. The outsourced team manages end-to-end recruitment solutions for some or all roles across their business.
  • Hybrid Basis: the client retains their own in-house recruitment team, however, they need a partner on an ongoing basis to manage the roles they cannot fill themselves. This may be caused by "peaks" of recruitment demand, technical complexity of the roles, lack of geographical coverage or performance issues within the internal team.
  • Project Basis: the client engages an outsourced provider for a specific period of time to complete a start-to-finish recruitment project. The nature of the engagement is time bound and relates to a specific need, generally by the type of role and/or geography.

What RPO services do you offer?

MACRO’s RPO can manage any or all of the following recruitment tasks for the client:

  • Recruitment forecasting
  • Recruitment advertisement creation and placement
  • Application response
  • Candidate sourcing programs (web crawling, internal recruitment, employee referrals, alumni programs, networking, social media, etc.)
  • Conducting & scheduling interviews
  • Psychometric and behavioral assessments
  • Reference and background checking
  • Offer management
  • Vendor (3rd party supplier) management
  • Technology selection, configuration and management
  • Management reporting
  • New starter on-boarding
  • Creating and maintaining your own candidate database

What about Scalability and Flexibility?

As the recruitment volumes go up, we grow the number of recruiters deployed. As the recruitment volumes go down, we deploy the recruiters to other solutions we manage, thereby reducing the cost for the client.

How do you reduce Time-to-Hire?

Measured from the date we receive the new role to the time when a candidate accepts a job offer.  We typically reduce the time it takes to recruit a new hire by 30-50%. Hiring good people faster and reducing down time can substantially help productivity.

How much Cost Reduction can I expect?

The amount of cost reduction will depend on what recruitment model the client has used in the past and what type of new model they are implementing. If a client has solely relied on recruitment agencies in the past to fill all roles, then cost savings can be in the 30-50% range on a cost-per-hire basis. Clients moving from an in-house model to an outsourced model may not save as much, but they will achieve other benefits (i.e. reduced time-to-fill, scalability and flexibility, increased quality of hire).

How do you ensure a high quality of Hire?

MACRO RPO has proprietary processes, software and assessment tools that ensure the optimal fit between the role, person and organisational culture. We start by creating a comprehensive job and person brief, we find talent from a wide range of sources (internal employees, employee referrals, internet, job boards, networks etc.), and we conduct behavioral interviews, psych testing and reference checks to assess candidate fit and make the offer on behalf of the client.
We also stand behind the quality of hires we place through offering extended guarantee periods for the period of the placement. This means if the person leaves within this period, we will replace them free of charge.

What about reports?

MACRO RPO will ensure the right technology and processes are deployed to provide the organisation with highly comprehensive reports on total recruitment activity, making it far easier to understand what is happening, what is working/not working and how things can be improved.

What differentiates your recruitment process outsourcing from others?

  • 98% of our placements exceeded their probation period
  • Our software allows us to customize solutions to complex recruitment processes
  • 22 years experience
  • We have the largest recruitment subscription email list in Australia.
  • Our willingness to custom build solutions that will work for clients – whether it is a full outsource, hybrid model or project, we take time to truly understand the client’s needs and design a recruitment solution that will work for them.
  • Our focus on providing excellent relationship management & delivery on a local or global basis as required. In addition to the recruiters deployed to the client, a senior account manager manages the relationship with every client, ensuring their strategic recruitment needs are addressed, as well as their operational needs. Strict SLAs are used to measure our performance and our pricing models underpinning our commitment to deliver quality solutions.
  • Our experience providing "blended" RPO solutions, where we manage both the permanent and temp/contract recruitment for the client. This is different than most RPO providers who are strong in one category or the other.


Do we as the client retain control of the ultimate selection decision?

Yes, we find and shortlist suitable candidates, but the client retains control of the hiring decision.

Do we get a say in which recruiters work on our behalf?

Yes, typically our clients co-interview shortlisted potential recruiters with us to ensure they have both the technical competency and culture fit required to recruit effectively for the organisation.

What technology do you have?

MACRO Recruitment has partnered with Recruitment Software provider Perform Zone to create a cutting edge sourcing capability utilising both the latest proven methodologies and technologies. This solution is highly customisable.

Who will ultimately manage the financial and performance metrics of the contract?

People, processes and technology combine to deliver for a RPO arrangement.
It is essential for your internal leadership to maintain management oversight of any outsourcing initiative. MACRO’s RPO factors into the contract terms the time and resources necessary to effectively manage the relationship and its results, this includes providing in depth reports.

Will recruitment process outsourcing truly improve business performance?

Cost reduction may be a big driver of pursuing an outsourcing arrangement for a non-core competence in your business, and it’s one important financial measure. At the same time, we work with our clients to establish other performance metrics so as to demonstrate that this arrangement helps them better attract the best and brightest for their business. Typically these are: speed time to hire, keeping employer brand consistent and effective, leverage internal mobility, and increases employment engagement and retention.

What happens if we change our mind?

There is an escape clause in the deal or protection in place for when business conditions change. As we have seen during the recent recession, business conditions can change in a major way, and fast. It is only fair that we do not lock you into a long-term contract or deal with little or no flexibility to alter scope or completely withdraw over time.
Making sure that there is a shared risk model for operational costs when hiring demands change is one way to help ensure some of this protection.

As your business partner, MACRO RPO is also be open to transferring all knowledge, and turning back over the people and processes to your internal team once a best-practice operation is established and running smoothly.

How much?

We have three basic models:

  1. Annual management fee, charged monthly, which is tied to the number and cost of recruiters allocated to your business
  2. Fee per placement (fixed fee or % of salary) payable on successful placement of the candidate
  3. Combined management fee, plus reduced placement fee

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