2 hour evening events to improve your leadership skills

  • Increase commitment and cooperation from others
  • Resolve and prevent conflict
  • Build more effective teams
  • Improve your ability to inspire staff and customers

Run from MACRO Recruitment's Hawthorn site, learn

  • How to quickly identity the four DISC behavioural profiles styles:
    Driver, Influencer, Steady and Compliant. 
  • Practical tools to increase your communication effectiveness with each profile. 

Daryl Keeley has been presenting leadership workshops for over 20 years.
His training style is clear, practical, and highly interactive.

These workshops are not abstract, conceptual time-wasters.
They are run as small groups allowing you to gain maximum benefit.


Your own DISC report - Free.
In the workshop you will learn the strengths of your
behavioural style and how to play to them.

To Register

Courses are run at MACRO Recruitment's Hawthorn office
Cost: $75 per person
Bookings are essential, numbers are limited.
1300 083 488


"Lots of examples of personality types"
Belinda Veleski

"Reminder that it is always something to be aware of"

"Interesting presentation. Good to gain understanding of DISC and different profiles interact"

"The seminar was very interesting, it actually was surprising how accurate I was to the test"
Kamile Nugencure

Liked "breaking down personality traits making it easier to understand and communicate"
Tania Dellamnica

"Very Interesting, thank you. Presenter was great. Look forward to doing further research"
Cassandrea Trapell

Liked "clarification of the types of profiles and their interactions to each other"
Glenn Faulkner

"Insightful presentation"
James Cacemeno

Liked "the real-life examples of behaviour displayed"
Natasha Woodward

"The type of presentation was easy to follow"
Gilad Tranz

"Gave me a vision for my business. Allows me to see staff differently"
Amy Carr

Liked "Daryl's presentation style, content very relevant and can apply principles"
Jacqueline Reges


"Great topics, interesting to see how people relate to each other"

"Has helped me understand and appreciate my own and others behavioural styles, as well as providing strategies to communicate and deal more effectively with different types of people."

"Practical, Real-World, Results-Oriented Training Workshop"

"It's a great session, tools to assist me in managing my work relationships."
Ruth Parsons, Hello I'm Venus

"The session was very good. It was great to have another tool at my disposal when working with people."
Lawrence Muir, Bruel & Kjaer

"I found the content of the workshop very dynamic and was surprised at how accurate the model is."
Tahnee Woodham, Hello I'm Venus

"Thank you very much! I liked the energy and the chance to ask questions."
Caroline Chaplin, Rooms with Style

"Very engaging and well-presented information."
Glenn Berry, Cableman

"I liked how it was versatile in all aspects of work - I work in construction and it was effective for me, as it was for the guy in sales who sat next to me. The number of people in the workshop was a good size."
Danny Nixon

Liked "the content/pace/related to colleagues. Calm style of presenter and knowledge"
Anna Rosemary

Liked "the way it was presented, informative, really exciting"