Advertising Services

Outsource the writing and placing of your adverts for free.
Ideal for busy hiring managers wanting to get the best return on their advertisement budget.

  • Your job adverts written by a professional for free.
  • Your adverts posted to paid job boards, print, social media, Google adwords, email shots and over 14 free job boards.
  • Access to exclusive high traffic job boards that only recruiters can access.
  • Only pay for the advertisement costs (with no mark ups)

What you get...

  • Advice on the best places to advertise your job, along with the estimated number applicants and the cost of your adverts.
  • A professionally crafted advert written by an expert for free (valued at $250 + gst)
  • Our team posts your adverts to the mediums of your choice. These include;
    • Paid job boards (such as SEEK, MyCareer, Careerone and niche boards) 
    • Print
    • Google ads
    • Social media
    • Email shots and
    • Over 14 free job boards!
  • Arranging all templates and logos & typesetting with the ad provider.
  • Candidates are emailed to you along with their response to your screening questions.
  • Advertising within MACRO’s email job alerts (Currently over 70,000 job seekers subscribed). This along with MACRO’s website attracts more candidates than some of the larger paid job boards – all for only $50!
  • Ability to advertise in MACRO’s social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook) for $20.
  • All you pay for is the Ad provider’s adverts.

How it works…

Step 1 
Send us your job description and let us know your advertisement budget.
We advise you of the best places to advertise within your budget.

Step 2
You purchase the advertisement space from us
 (we don’t charge you anymore than what you’d be paying).

Step 3
We draft your job advertisements.
Once you’ve approved them, we post the adverts to all the sites you’ve purchased.

Step 4
All applicants are emailed to you as they apply.
All applicants receive an email confirmation that they have successfully applied.

Fine print

  • You need to advertise on MACRO’s website ($50+gst).
  • You need to honour the ad provider’s terms and conditions.
  • Our Standard Advertisement Terms and Conditions apply


Why don’t you charge for this service?
We buy adverts in bulk at a price cheaper than what you are able to.
By you purchasing your advertisements from us, you are funding this site.

What’s the catch?
You need to advertise on MACRO’s website, this is $50.
This give will give you a better rate of return ($/applicant) that advertising on SEEK would.

Why can’t you offer discounts on adverts?

Because our suppliers won’t let us Frown

Can I buy ad packs?

Sure can! Our packs are for 3, 5,10,20,50,100 ads, all at the same price that you would get from the ad supplier. Adverts can be used at anytime within 12 months of their purchase. It’s cheaper to buy this way.

Are there any extra fees?
Nope, no recruitment fees, nothing other than the cost of your advertisements.

Can I use my own logos and templates?

Certainly, your MACRO Ad writer will handle the details for you.

Can I edit my online ad after they have been posted?
Sure can. Just tell us what you want changed and we’ll alter all the sites that your adverts appear on.

How good are your ad writers?

Our ad writers have written 1,000’s of job adverts. We have researched almost every style of advert writing that exists. We have compared their results and have defined the optimum formula for advert writing.
MACRO has received regular acknowledgement from Ad suppliers on the high quality of advert writing and the high response rates we achieve.

How do you know the best place for us to advertise?
We have the applicant stats on over 10,000 different types of jobs from campaigns we have run previously.

But what if I don’t get any applicants?

This has never happened.

What do you need in the job description?

To get the best response we need:

  • The job duties (what is a typical day)
  • The challenge (what can they achieve that they will be proud of?)
  • What ammunition can we use to seduce the right person for you? (Why would someone want to work for you?)

What does the applicant need to have?
Confused? Call us on 1300 083 488, we’ll help you answers these questions.
What if I don’t find any candidates that I like?
You can re-advertise, change your advert, but most likely the skill set you’re targeting is best sourced by headhunting …did I mention that we are a recruitment agency with a database of over 350,000 passive job seekers?

What people are saying...

"We had a great response to the advertisement approx. 150
Your service has been very professional and helpful."
Kirsten Gallagher – HR Manager - Interchange Northern

But wait, there’s more!

We’ll provide you with a full report every two days on the progress of your advertisement campaign. This includes stats on the success of each medium.


If you don’t find any good candidates from advertising with us, we’ll reduce our normal recruitment fee by 5%.


Whatever you’re paying for your current adverts, we’ll match it.
Tell us your budget and we will suggest the best places to advertise.
We can advertise in any paid job board, social media, print medium, free job boards, email job alerts to our database & Google adwords.

How to purchase:

No endless phone trees and recordings. Call us, email, or chat live with a real person who’s happy to help you.
Contact us on 1300 083 488 or Jobshop@macrorecruitment.com.au