Shortlisting Service

Top 5 applicants shortlisted.
For busy hiring managers and HR staff.

  • Professional screening all applicants by experienced Specialist Recruiters that know your industry.

  • Detailed phone interview notes on each shortlisted applicant, including skills match & behavioural profiling

  • All applicant queries professionally handled in rapid time.

  • Insights into how best to manage your successful applicant based on their behavioural profile.

Not enough time to screen and respond professionally to every applicant?
Not an expert in screening soft skills?
Outsource the most tedious parts of the recruitment process while keeping the cost as low as possible.
Ensure that you don’t miss the opportunity of hiring the best candidate because you are too busy.

You get...

  • Every applicant is contacted
  • Phone screening of every applicant that matches or comes close to matching your job.
  • Top 5 matched candidates are presented with 2 pages of interview notes that include:

    • How they match your job’s selection criteria
    • Their behavioural profile (how they go about solving problems)
    • Their top motivations (what is important to them)
    • Their availability
    • Salary expectations
    • Education
    • Communication skills
    • Visa status
    • Reasons for employer changes
    • Career aspirations
    • Distance to travel to work
    • Contact details
  • Summary report listing all applicants and how they rated.
  • Phone advice/insight from the recruiter that screened the applicants.
  • All email & phone queries from applicants responded to within 4 working hours
  • All unsuccessful candidates reviewed and notified within 24 hours of applying.
  • A fall back “plan b” list of the next best 5 applicants in case the first cut did not work out.

How does it work?

Step 1
Either email your job Spec to darylk@macrorecruitment.com.au or
phone 1300 083 488
and ask for our Shortlisting Services

Step 2
The Recruitment Executive that will screen your applicants will clarify your requirement with you. They advise you on the best advertisement campaign that will generate the best response for your budget.

Step 3

You make payment via EFT,
We place all advertisements for you.
We screen all your applicants within 4 working hours of their application.
We email you a copy of our phone interviews notes and the resumes of the top 5 applicants.

Step 4
You interview candidates from the shortlist and make an offer.

Step 5
We notify all unsuccessful candidates.

Fine Print


But what if none in the shortlist are good?
The shortlist represents the best that we received from your advert.
Throughout the campaign we will contact you be providing you with feedback on the response and what the market is asking for. This will give the chance to adjust your spec if needed.
You can also re-advertise while we are providing the Shortlisting service.
If no applicants are worthy of being shortlisted, then we credit your account with a free Shortlisting service.

Are the advertisement costs included?
Sorry no, but we can advise you on the best places to advertise for your budget, write your adverts and publish them for free.  For more information, have a look at our Advertisement Service.

How long does the campaign go for?
30 days. If you want to go past the 30 days you will need to purchase the Shortlisting Service again.

What if I adjust my job spec in the 30 days?

If you haven’t managed to fill your vacancy, we’ll go back a re-screen all suitable applicants.

What if I want to advertise again?
No problem.  Advertise as often as you like.

Are there any additional recruitment fees?

Nope. No fees when you employ someone - employ as many people as you want.

How do I know that you have found the best applicants?
Our recruiters have been doing this for a long time. MACRO’s recruiters have been involved in placing over 7500 jobs. To date 98.2% of the candidates placed by MACRO have successfully passed their three months' probation with their new employer. You can also request a copy of every application to be sent to you.

What if a shortlisted applicant finds a job before I make an offer to them?

We know that good applicants don’t stay on the market long. The candidates that we submit have all indicated that they would wait at least 2 days after our Shortlisting before taking up any other offers.
So saying we want you to be happy and make a placement, so just let us know and we will present candidates from the “Plan B” list.

Who will be my Recruitment Executive?
We assign you an experienced Specialist Recruitment Executive that has at least 10 years' experience in the workforce. They will have come from the same industry as your vacancy. They may have even worked the same role in a past life. They have been trained in the art of behavioural profiling and have a successful track record in placing similar roles to yours.

Does it matter that MACRO does not have an office in my region?

We use phone and email to shortlist. This means we can screen applicants from any country or state

What people are saying…

“Has been a fantastic experience. Previously I have worked with other recruiters (charging from the top end of town) to doing it myself. The service is very good and not hellishly expensive. It’s a good niche service for SME companies that don’t have the extra arms and legs needed.”
Scott Grant, CEO Smart Trade Australia

But wait! There's more...

We give you a personalised Management Report on the applicant you hired.
This report details how to best manage your successful applicant, based on their behavioural profile.
Valued at $450


If no applicants are worthy of being shortlisted, then we credit your account with a free Shortlisting service, ready to be used when you like.


$2500 + GST
+ advertisement costs

To get started

Ask for our Shortlisting service via 1300 083 488 or darylk@macrorecruitment.com.au

What happens next?

Your Recruitment Executive will call you to introduce themselves and …

  • Advise whether this service is right for your vacancy.
  • Provide an estimate of your job’s current market salaries
  • Advise on the best advertisement campaign for your budget and
  • Ensure that they have all the information that they need to screen and inspire applicants.