How to deal with contractors who overstate their hours

Correcting the hours of a skilled contractor that holds the keys to your projects success is one of the most complex situations to navigate.

Cultures after downsizing

After a significant downsizing a culture shift occurs in the organisation. This article lists the main culture changes you could expect to see.

Checklist for letting staff go successfully

There are significant emotional and legal considerations that should be addressed when letting staff go - if it is not performed well you risk a very costly dismissal process.

Continuous improvement - Fire! Reload!

Pay less in wages AND increase productivity? Impossible I hear you say!!

Standing down staff due to Swine Flu

We asked some Employment Law Experts to clarify ...

Every business needs a bookshelf.

By law you cannot claim ignorance of information, to protect your business. This article looks at what information you need to be up-to-date with.

The Legal Side of Employee Termination

It is lawful for an employer to dismiss an employee if it is a genuine redundancy or if the dismissal would not be considered harsh, unjust or unreasonable or if the dismissal is consistent with the Small Business Fair Dismissal Code.

Employee Termination for Serious Misconduct

As we are all well aware, employee misconduct is an unpleasant aspect of the Hr world that we must all deal with at one point in our careers. From a legal perspective, when making the decision to fire an employee due to serious misconduct, there are several issues that must be considered.

Redundancy in a Small Business

We look at Redundancy in a Small Business and what you are legally allowed to do as the employer and what your rights are as the employee.

Dismissal of Employees

Dismissing and employee can be stressful and is something that neither the employer nor employee particularly want to go through. However before you get to the stage of firing someone you need to look at the dismissal laws that surround this. Here we discuss how these laws work and what you need to know before you fire someone.

Dismissal Letters

We provide you information on how to write a Termination of Employment letter and also provide you the steps you need to go through when terminate an employee.