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Pre-employment Criminal Checks

MACRO has taken the position of making it mandatory for all job applicants to provide a police criminal check prior to signing employment offers with their clients.

This is to ensure that MACRO’s clients are aware of the criminal background of the person they are hiring.

Free job description template

Save time creating Job descriptions by following our Best Practice template.
See how your template compares.

Hiring new Australians

Hiring staff from the subcontinent

How to hire staff that hit the ground running

The top 4 characteristics to look for and how to spot them.

Is it legal to not hire someone because they have tattoos?

In short yes you can legally discriminate based on tattoos, but there are few catches.

The mathematics of hiring staff

Finding the right employee is no cakewalk - but is it even mathematically likely?
In this article we show the patterns in how we look for staff, and give our top tips (verified by math!) for finding that perfect employee. 

What is behavioural profiling and how can it help me?

An essential part of your staff management toolkit.

How To Attract the People You Need

I came across a fabulous article by Jenny Stilwell about what you can offer potential new employees. She believes that just because you find an ideal candidate, they might not want to work for you! Ask yourself why not!

How to attract job applicants

The Most Important Question to Ask in a Hiring Interview

Are you having trouble hiring? Your interview process could be letting you down.

Screening for “Willingness”

We look at how MACRO's recruiters screen their candidates in their search to find the best candidate for your position available.

How are job seekers being affected by the current financial crisis?

Avoiding Bias in an Interview

We discuss when interviewing how bias can occur and how you can avoid this.

Top 8 phone screening questions that will save you time...

We provide you with some of the top phone interview questions to help you stream line the interview process

Beware of the Promiscuous Job seeker...

First dates, beer goggles, honeymoon periods, nagging - yes I'm talking of recruitment here!

How far is to far to travel to work?

Figures just released show that contrary to a commonly held belief from employers the median average job seeker is currently travelling 45 minutes to work and happy to travel up to 67 minutes to their ideal work place.

Behavioural Checks

So you want to see if they will they work well within your team and if they have the right work habits to be successful in your role?

Competence Checks

Competence checking checks to see if the job applicant has the required technical ability to do the work for the role.

Contactors or permanent staff at the moment?

Desperate Candidates Alert!

Beware! The recent financial crisis is increasing the number of mis-truths appearing in candidate applications.

What's Your Staff Hiring IQ?

Take this Quick Quiz to find out

Interviewing job applicants that have been made redundant

So were they retrenched because they were low performers or was it due to mitigating circumstances?
Find out ways to cut the wheat from the chaff.

Higher Purchase your next employee!

A lump sum recruitment fee for permanent staff can be quite confronting for many companies wanting to conserve cash flow in the current market. Here are some solutions...


We can alert you when candidates that match your hard to find skill sets hit the market - for free!

How to Ensure that your candidate accepts your employment offer.

4 simple steps that work every time.

The Right Person First Time Method

MACRO has been involved in the recruitment of over 7500 candidates since 1991.
From this, only eleven of our placements did not make probation.
This is testament to our screening processes, which we call the "Right Person - First Time" recruitment method.

Are you illegally avoiding recruitment fees?

Unfortunately it does sometimes happen that employers inadvertently or deliberately hire a candidate that was introduced previously to them by a recruiter and not realize that an introduction fee is still payable - even though it may be up to 12 months since the recruiter introduced them.

Recruiters sending resumes without asking for the candidate's permission!

You might not think this is a big deal. You may even think this will speed up the process for you, but let me show you why it does not...

Free Employment contract template

Sales Recruitment on the Rise

Changes in market Conditions are creating a huge demand for top sales staff.

Are you paying too high a salary or scaring off good applicants?

Maintain a power position in negotiating a new employee's salary with this one invaluable tip...

Avoid getting caught by Fraudulent Applicants!

The GFC and internet have given rise to new ways to illegally trick employers. This article lists the many ways that are available...

Keeping staff in a recovering market

A recovering market is a double-edged sword - are you ready to lose staff?

How to Avoid Spurious Work cover Claims

Work cover claims can send employers broke. We spoke to Chris Ethell, Senior HR consultant for Stephen Yeats Investigations on this subject.

How to Avoid the Legal Risks Associated with International Employment Assignments

Emerging complex issues have arisen in the employment law area as a result of sending workers to explore OS markets...

Modern Awards Explained

With the commencement of the Modern Awards on 1 January 2010, employers need to be aware of the cost and effect of the new instruments on their businesses.

4 steps to better reference checking

Teaser: A good reference check process will save you $100,000s...can you afford not to be an expert in this area?

Do you know that your handwriting gives away your secrets?

Even just your signature can reveal over ten different traits and personality habits about you to the trained eye.

Physically fit! Selecting the right candidate

Finding the right candidate for the job is always important particularly if the job requires manual handling or is a physical job. This article looks at how important it is when screening a candidate to ensure they are physically fit to do the job required.

Making offers too quickly

Presenting your offer professionally increases the chances that your offer will be accepted. Read more...

Have you ever considered Recruitment Software?

We look at the benefits of why you should be using recruitment software and how this can cut your recruiting time in half.

How to minimise the risk in employing migrants

With Australia's ever growing migrant population we discuss how to reduce the risk of employing someone from overseas.

What is reverse marketing?

We discuss what is reverse marketing and how this applies to you and your business.

Better Interviewing by using the S.T.A.R. method

A how-to guide on the STAR structured interview format.
This well accepted format has been shown to significantly increase hiring success.

Six tips on why you should hire a contractor

Hiring professional Contractors reduces a project’s risk of running overtime and over budget.

Advert Writing – Tips and Tricks to attract the best candidates

Writing an advert for a job is very similar to selling a product or service. You really need to know how to attract your audience. In this article we give you pointers on why adding company information, selection criteria and adding the "what about me" factor is vital for your advert.

Why the rejection letter is important

With most HR Managers being really busy trying to fill positions the rejection letter to unsuitable candidates can be overlooked. However we discuss that by not rejecting these candidates can actually hurt your business and your brand.

Free Rejection Letter Template

Hiring staff with criminal records

What to do when a background check reveals a criminal record.

What must an applicant disclose about their criminal record?

A job applicant is not obliged to voluntarily disclose anything about his or her prior record, if they are not specifically asked to do so, however...

6 ways to avoid unknowingly hiring an ex-felon

MACRO's role is to ensure that you hire the best person for the role and that means being fully informed about who you are about to hire. In this article we look at how you can detect if you are about to un-knowingly hire an ex-felon.

Will your restraint clause hold up?

In the last 6 months alone, there have been at least half a dozen cases in Australia dealing with restraints and whether or not they can be enforced. All of the cases highlight the importance of getting the wording right or risk losing the benefit of such a clause