Premium Search

Headhunting services with 100% success rate of filling the role
Ideal for very hard-to-fill roles.

  • In-depth search of the Passive job seeker  market
  • Access to a network of over 26 Million passive job seekers
  • Highly experienced Search Professionals dedicated to your brief
  • Summary feedback report on every candidate contacted
  • 100% success rate of filling the role
  • The ideal candidate will have been spoken to within 2 weeks of starting

What you get…

  • A team of dedicated Search professionals searches through MACRO’s Network of over 26 million Passive job seekers.
  • MACRO’s Search Professionals contact the top 100 suitable passive job seekers and presents your opportunity.
  • Suitable interested candidates are profiled using the “Right Person First Time”  Behavioural and technical profiling techniques. You receive a two page summary of our findings.
  • 3 Month Guarantee for Successful Candidates
  • No Off-Limits Policy - Freedom to Ethically Approach the Best Candidates in the Market
  • Confidential & Discrete Approach to Market - Deliberately Low Profile When Required
  • Exceptional Candidate Care Process

How it works…

Step 1.

MACRO’s experienced Search Consultants will compile an in-depth job profile with your help.  This includes; a comprehensive list of the reasons that would attract your ideal candidate to your business; a profile your business culture; and a list of technical screening questions related to your vacancy.

Step 2.
MACRO’s Search Consultants search through MACRO’s databases and compile a list of suitable candidates to target. A sample can be provided.

Step 3.
MACRO’s Search Consultants speak with the top 100 candidates on the Search list.
Their responses are saved into MACRO’s CRM and their referrals are contacted.
Every two days you are updated on Search’s status and provided with an updated report on the candidate’s feedback.

Step 4.
Suitable interested candidate resumes are presented to you, along with a summary of MACRO’s interview notes.

Step 5.
Interviews are arranged with yourself and the candidates.
Feedback is provided to the applicants.

Step 6.
At least two  Reference checks per applicant are completed. Additional background checks, such as Police, director & medical checks can be completed as well.

Step 7.
Offers are presented and negotiated.

The fine print…

Our Premium Service Terms and Conditions apply


Are you able to do Global searches?
Yes. Our global infrastructure includes a broad range of expertise across different industries, encompassing regional and local markets. We have developed a proprietary technology platform that goes beyond standard systems to harness the true wealth of our global knowledge and capabilities. Together, we offer a global perspective that recognises  the nuances of a diverse population; complex global, regional and local competition; and the commercial priorities that drive client needs.

Our ethics are the foundation of our reputation. While maintaining transparency with clients by sharing research and candidate information, MACRO’s Search Consultant professionals abide by the core value of confidentiality.  Across the globe, we adhere to the local laws and regulations in the countries where we work.

What are some of the industries that MACRO specialises in?

Banking & Finance
Executive & Strategic Management
Insurance & Superannuation
Logistics, Supply & Transport
Manufacturing & Industrial
Trades & Services

What happens after the placement is made?
Our results-oriented methods mean that we always track the impact of our work, capturing reactions once a candidate is in the role, together with informative client feedback. Our goal is to ensure expectations are being met on both sides and understand your evolving DNA for further assignments

What is MACRO’s experience with business context and search strategy?
Premium Search is not just about finding great candidates. It is about understanding the need behind the search and relating that to a candidates ambition in the evolving business environment. Our Search Consultants are adept at reading a complex situation – whether it requires a revitalised leadership team, implementation of a new strategy, benchmarking of internal candidates, redeploying talent, advising on remuneration or securing a specialist interim executive.

Once we have truly understood our client’s DNA and the outcomes they are looking for, and captured perspectives from colleagues, we determine the optimal search strategy together with our client.
This incorporates required skills and qualifications, appropriate experience and relevant commercial exposure, together with target sectors and companies in order to further define the field of relevant candidates.

Can MACRO benchmark our internal candidates against the market?

How do you source candidates?

Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t just rely on advertising.  We leverage our significant local and international experience in Search, Advertised Selection, Database Search and other proven recruitment methodologies.  We keep abreast of the latest trends in recruitment practices both here and overseas and network extensively in the industries we specialise in.

Each client and assignment is different so we will tailor a solution accordingly.  It may be a combination of all recruitment methodologies to source the right candidate for our client - whatever it takes to deliver the right candidate. Some of the methodologies we utilise for our clients: Executive Search, Advertised Selection, Database Search, Specialist Networks, Customised Talent Banks.


We will coordinate interviews and even sit in with you if asked.
We provide you with a Behavioral Profile report on your new hire.
This can be used as a “user manual” to for managing your new hire.

Our guarantee

We give the retainer back if we fail to deliver 3 qualified & obtainable candidates within 3 weeks. So far we have never needed to.

How much?

Retainer = $5000 + GST
Placement fee = 12% of the successful candidate's remuneration.

OK, I am ready, what next?

Contact us on 1300 083 488 or jobshop@macrorecruitment.com.au
Our most appropriate Search Consultant will discuss your need and work with you to ensure it is filled quickly.

Relax knowing that you’ve got professionals looking after your best interest.