Contractor Labour Hire
(Also known as casuals or temps)

Low risk and hassle free Contractor hiring and management.
Flexible and cost effective solution to the peaks and troughs of modern business.


With MACRO’s Contractors you get

  • Value for money
    Pay per hour or per milestone completed.
    Transparent rates so you know that you’re not being taken for a ride. 

  • Rapid turnaround
    Located from within MACRO’s massive database (350,000) coupled with MACRO’s continual advertising ensures that you are getting the best Contractor available at short notice.

  • All payroll & OHS headaches removed
    We handle all payroll and OHS liabilities and paperwork for you.

  • Try before your hire
    Minimise the risk by trialling a potential employee as a Contractor.
    Only hire when necessary, cutting the cost of permanent staffing, year round.

  • High Quality Contractors
    Highly skilled professionals that can hit the ground running.
    Contractors are thoroughly screened by expert Recruitment Executives that know your industry.
    The MACRO team comprised of highly experienced recruiters some with over 20 years' experience in technical and behavioural screening.
    All of MACRO’s recruiters are specialists in their chosen sector.
    Some of the skills sets we specialise in are:

Administration & Office Support
Advertising Arts & Media
Call Centre & Customer Service
CEO & General Management
Design & Architecture
Education & Training
Government & Defence
Healthcare & Medical
Hospitality & Tourism
Information & Communication Technology
Insurance & Superannuation
Manufacturing Transport & Logistics
Marketing & Communications
Mining Resources & Energy
Retail & Consumer Products
Science & Technology
Trades & Services


Locating and hiring the best available short term staff as well as handling the administration of payroll, superannuation, insurances, taxation, OHS, holidays and sick leave is a time consuming business. MACRO will handle all this for you, leaving you with more valuable time to focus on other important aspects of your business.

OHS compliance for contactors, if not done well, can end up in a legal minefield. MACRO’s OHS experts manage the compliance process and MACRO takes on the risk.

Hiring incompetent or unethical contractors can end up being a nightmare. Our award winning screening processes and tight contracts minimise the risk of you ever being left holding the baby.

What do you get?

  • Confidence knowing that your Contractor has been professionally assessed for their:

    • Ability to do the job
    • Past evidence of completing similar projects on time
    • Integrity & honesty
    • Availability
  • We manage their payroll liabilities including:

    • Wages & Super payments
    • Taxes (PAYG, Payroll tax) &
    • Insurances (Workcover, Public Liability, Professional indemnity)
  • Contractors can be charged on an hourly basis, or for some projects, paid on completed milestones.
  • You are not liable to pay sick or holiday pay
  • Pre-employment inductions
  • Safety inductions
  • Contractors are bound by confidentiality agreements that protect your IP & brand.
  • Rapid replacement if required.
  • Honest appraisal of market rates and skills available

How does it work?

  1. You provide us with the parameters of the contract. Things to include are:

    • Exactly what skills should the Contractor have?
    • How will the Contractor be using those skills?
    • What precisely do you want the Contractor to achieve, and by when?
  2. One of our Specialist Recruitment Executives who has supplied many Contractors for similar projects will contact you to refine the spec’ if needed and the find the Contractor or Contractors to achieve your project aims.

  3. Your Recruitment Executive will search first our database for known and trusted available Contractors.
    If no Contractors suitable are available, your Recruitment Executive will undertake an extensive advertising campaign. This includes advertising within online job boards, social media, trade user groups, networks and email marketing.

  4. As enquiries start to come in from Contractors, your Recruitment Executive will perform identity and work rights checks, technical skills assessments, behavioral profiling situational assessment, cultural fit and career motivation and in-depth interviewing and reference checking.
    Only when they are satisfied does the Contractor get to the next stage.

  5. We present a summary of our findings, along with their resume, rates and any relevant value-added information of the top 3 Contractors.

  6. Contracts

    Once everything has been agreed by telephone and/or email, your Recruitment Executive sends hard copies of the contracts out to you and the Contractor to get everyone’s signature.

  7. OHS Compliance

    Your Recruitment Executive manages the completion of the Contractors WorkSafe’s pre-employment safety induction and ensures that WorkSafe’s OHS compliance requirements are met.

  8. Maintenance

    Shortly after starting, your Recruitment Executive will follow up with both your Contractor and hiring manager to ensure everyone is happy with how the contract is running. Throughout the contact, your Recruitment Executive will be in communication with your Contractor, pre-empting any possible risk.

  9. Renewals

    Nearing the end of a contract, your Recruitment Executive will contact you to find out if a renewal is likely. They will also sound out your Contractor. MACRO will send out the renewal contract paperwork quickly to ensure the Contractor is not concerned and tempted to jump ship.


What if I decide I want to take them on permanently?
We offer a discount to our normal permanent placement fee.
The longer their contract, the bigger the discount.

What if I need to let one go?
You need to provide us with a 7 day notice period.

What if they leave before the contact has been completed?
There are stiff penalties that apply to the Contractor as an incentive for them to stay.
If all fails, we locate a suitable replacement for you.

Can I run the contractor on my books instead of MACROs?
Yes you can – and you will save money.
We’ll invoice you a fixed recruitment fee each week of the contract.

What if there’s a Workcover claim?
MACRO’s contractors are covered by MACRO’s Workcover Insurance. Thankfully, supported by our rigorous OHS procedures, we have not had one since we started business in 1991.

Who owns the intellectual property?
All yours – this is written into all contracts between MACRO and your Contractor.

What are your payment terms?
7 days from Invoice. You can take longer we just apply a factoring fee to the hourly rate.

Bonuses (what you get on top of the offer).

We will coordinate interviews and even sit in with you if asked.
We provide you with a Behavioral Profile report on the Contractor. This can be used as a “user manual” to get the most out of your Contractor.

Our guarantee

If the Contractor is not competent, we replace them.

How much?

The price depends on the market rates of the Contractor.
Our role is to ensure that you get the best value for money.
If you are working on a milestone project, provide us with your budget and project timelines, we will advise you on what can be achieved within them.

Call to action.

Contact us on 1300 083 488 or jobshop@macrorecruitment.com.au
Our most appropriate experienced specialist Recruitment Executive will discuss your need and work with you to ensure it is filled quickly.

Relax knowing that you’ve got professionals looking after your best interest.