The Dominance trait

Are you seeking to gain more commitment and cooperation from others?

The Dominance trait tells us how you respond to problems and challenges.
Different people have different degrees of dominance.
They range from being demanding and forceful through to Unobtrusive and peaceful

This workshops teaches us

  • how to quickly spot the level of dominance a person has,
  • their most likely strength and weaknesses,
  • How to gain their commitment and cooperation
  • How you can resolve and prevent conflict with them

When:             1.5 hour evening workshop on August the 10th 20175.30pm-7
Where:            183 Burwood Rd Hawthorn Victoria
Cost:                $75
Bookings          jobshop@macrorecruitment.com.au

This is a hands on small group workshop that uses the DISC Behavioural Profile tool.

You'll learn

  • the drivers of the Dominance (D) trait.
  • Observable behaviours of different levels of dominance
  • The value of each to the team
  • How to communicate with each of them
  • their ideal environment
  • how to motivate them
  • how to manage them
  • their possible limitations

Workshops are delivered by Daryl Keeley
Daryl Keeley has been delivering leadership coaching workshops for over 15 years.
His clients include some of Australia's most successful fortune 500 executives.