How to Resign Gracefully

Staff turnover rates by industry

Jobseeker survey Shatters Stereotypes

How long does the average person stay in a job?

It turns out that most people we surveyed lasted less than two years in their last job. Interestingly a German study of newlyweds showed the happiness boost of marriage also wore off around the same time!

How to Resign Gracefully

Today's employer is tomorrow's referee. Although it may be a fantasy for some to walk into their manager's office and tell them what to do with their job, it really does not benefit them in the long run.

Free Resignation Letter Template!

Download for Free the BEST resignation letter template we have seen.

How to protect your name well after you have gone.

Once you are gone, it is very easy for people to blame things on you. This article shows you how to avoid this and exit safely.

Should I Leave my Job?

Being stuck in a dead end job can take a huge emotional toll, and make you dread each day that you wake up. It is however important to figure out if it is the job or you that is the problem!