How to Negotiate 

Taking holidays before starting a new job

I have a holiday booked...when should I tell my potential new employer? 

How to successfully negotiate a pay rise.

Interest rates and prices going up, salaries are also going up, but still many employees would prefer to resign than actually ask for a pay rise. Why? Because they are too embarrassed and don't know how!

How to deal with Counter Offers

Ever thought of telling your boss your leaving unless you get a pay rise? Here we discuss the best way to handle counter offers.

Are you aware of your leave entitlements?

We discuss what your leave entitlements are and what the minimum National Employment Standards are.

10 Reasons Why Not To Accept a Counter Offer

You have given notice to your employer and he has come back with a counter offer and you are not sure what to do? Here we give you 10 reasons why you should not accept counter offers.

“What Salary are you seeking?”

How do you answer this question without scaring your employer away?