How to Master Interviews

The top 7 tricks for better body language when interviewing

Body language can make or break your career without you even knowing.

Interview the Interviewer!

A job interview is not just about you being assessed as being worthy to join a new company - it is a venue for you to determine if the new employer is worthy of you!

Your Interview preparation checklist

How do you face interviews after being made redundant?

Last week one of our readers asked this same question. This article outlines how you can improve your chances of landing your next role after being redundant by addressing the unstated concerns of your potential employer in your interview.

What to do when a headhunter comes calling…

Even if the role is not a good match for you, dont miss the opportunity to network and grow your career.

How not to be a Victim of Interview Bias

Adapt your interview style to turn their bias into your advantage.

How to handle the Salary question

Invaluable tip to ensure that you get the role...

Hidden Agendas in the Recruitment process

There is more at play behind the scenes in a recruitment process than you may think. Address these hidden agendas and you will increase your career opportunities...

Don't Let Them Screen You Out!

The Tricks to Answering Typical Interview Questions

17 Steps to Making a Great Impression During an Interview

The following steps will help you make a good impression and handle interviews more effectively so that you get the job.

How to Handle the Weakness Question

The dreaded and annoyingly common strength and weakness questions send waves of fear to all those about to enter an interview!

How are your NVCs (Non-Verbal Communicators)?

In job interviews, what we say is important. However how we say it deserves as much attention and thought as the words that come out of our mouths.

Pre-Interview Checklist

How unprepared are you for that job interview? Key steps everyone needs to take before they step into that interview!

Not Getting Past the Interview Stage?

You're not alone. Learn why most people don't...

Is your accent preventing you from being hired?

We provide insight on how your communication skills could be effecting your chances of getting to that interview - and what you can do about it.

How to become a master at being interviewed!

Everyone finds interviews to be daunting and nerve racking. However with a little bit of preparation you can ace that all important interview. Here we give you tips on how to master the interview.

Most Commonly Asked Interview Questions

Congratulations you got the interview! Now you need to prepare for it. To help you we have provided the most commonly asked interview questions.

Questions NOT to ask the employer in an interview

Warning! Asking these questions in an interview can be hazardous!

Top 8 phone screening questions and how to answer them…

MACRO Recruitment shares the top 8 phone screening questions and tells you how to answer them!

How to answer an interview question using the S.T.A.R method

The S.T.A.R method of interviewing gives employers a good indicator of how you deal with difficult situations in the past and the future. Here is our how to guide on how to successfully answer the question using the S.T.A.R method.

What is a FAB Sheet?

The FAB sheet is a wonderful way of showing how you can benefit your new employer. Read this article on how to write one and get started by downloading our free FAB sheet.