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The top 3 things we look for in your resume

Recruiters and HR staff take on average 10 seconds to review a resume to decide if they would like to interview you.

Checklist for writing the perfect resume

Your resume has 10 seconds to inspire the reader to want to call you. Here's a checklist to ensure your resume gives you the best chance

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Top 10 worst spelling mistakes in a resume...

If you are not easily offended, read on

Should he put in his resume that he was a refugee?

I say no...

What NOT to put in your resume

Writing resumes is tricky business, and there is lots of information out there about the best way to do things. Here, I would like to tell you certain things that MUST be left out of a resume.

CV Writing Guide: Accomplishments vs. Responsibilities

Classic Errors with Resumes

We provide you with the classic mistakes most people make when writing their resume. We provide tips on how to avoid making these mistakes.

When good spell checkers turn bad…

MACRO Recruitment's Managing Director talks about the importance of proof reading your resume and the pitfalls of spelling errors in your resume.

Why the recruiter may overlook you for the job!

Feel like recruiters keep on overlooking you for every job you apply for? Here we explain why recruiters could overlook you in the interview process.

Tailoring CV’s to a Job

We talk about how tailoring your CV of each job can be of benefit and tips on how to do this effectively.

Why cover letters are necessary

Cover letters should be included in every application. Without one could hurt your chances of not being put forward for the role.