Why wont Australian Employers look at overseas jobseekers?

Firstly let me say some do. Unfortunately there are hidden barriers to hiring jobseekers from overseas for many employers, and these barriers mean that a very unpromising candidate on the ground locally will always win over any outstanding candidate from overseas.

Contract or permanent employment?

How do I apply for a job in Australia?

To apply for work in Australia you must have a current work visa. More information on work visas can be obtained from the Department of Immigration at: http://www.immi.gov.au/

PAYG vs Independent Contractors

How do I best handle behavioural questions?.

Do I give the answer they want to hear? How do I know if it is the right one. Find out here...

Tips on Reference checks

Interestingly, I get asked the same questions by job seekers to those that have been in the workforce for while...

Referees – why you should keep in touch!

Referees are for life, loosing contact with them decreases your job hunting chances