How to find a job

The top 4 tips for preparing for your job hunt

Wanting an interview with your targeted employer?
These 4 tips will improve your chances of getting that invite

Defence Security cleared job seekers

Top 6 reasons why you were not successful with your job application

Not getting useful feedback on why you were not successful?
We look at the 6 most common reasons jobseekers are not successful and what you can do about it.

How to “hit the ground running”

Ever been told that you need to hit the ground running by your new employer?
It can be a scary prospect given that you may not even know exactly what you’re getting yourself into…but there is a way that you can exceed even the fussiest of bosses’ expectations.

Are you making the right career choice?

It's always great when a potential new employer is interested in you! This article gives you tools to leverage off your first employment offer to gain more for yourself and ensure that you have the right employer for you!

In doubt about leaving your current employer?

A common cause for emotional turmoil for many employees is them not wanting to put their current employer in a bad position by them leaving.

How turn a job rejection to your advantage!

Missed out on a job opportunity? Find out the REAL reason why so you don't make the same mistake twice.

How to Analyse Job Advertisements

Analysing adverts thoughtfully saves you more than just time.

Are you in a Job Search Rut?

Do you hate it when people ask you, ‘how's the job search going'? Got that feeling that
your job search efforts are just going nowhere?

Unemployed to employed within 8 days.

How Daniel avoided long term employment and within 8 days of seeing a job advert was starting work again.

How good are you at finding work?

Take this quick quiz and rate yourself.

How to find work in a Recession

Do you REALLY know where your resume is going to?

Did you know that some recruitment agencies are sending your resume, minus your contact details, out to employers without your consent?!

Getting Australian Security Clearances

Finding work in many Australian government departments and within companies that support them is reliant on either you having a security clearance or being eligible.

How Strong is your Employ-ability Brand?

Take this quick quiz to determine how confident employers are in employing you.

Simple Mistakes that Keep You Unemployed

Does you job search seem never ending? It could be your efforts that are actually keeping you unemployed. Here we discuss the mistakes made by jobseekers.

Why wont Australian Employers look at overseas jobseekers?

Firstly let me say some do. Unfortunately there are hidden barriers to hiring jobseekers from overseas for many employers, and these barriers mean that a very unpromising candidate on the ground locally will always win over any outstanding candidate from overseas.

Contract or permanent employment?

How do I apply for a job in Australia?

Employers gearing up to recruit

Recent survey shows that employers that decided to downsize are now needing to recruit again.

How best to apply for jobs online...

We asked employers about the best way for candidates to fill out an online application...

Confused about applying for Government work?

Tips for Graduating Students

Looking for work after you graduate?

Learn something from an unusual source…

Surprisingly, reading job ads can provide you with a wealth of knowledge about the job market, your industry and chances of personal advancement.

Getting Back on the Market... After Being Fired

The unbelievable has happened, and you find yourself back on the job market. Are you aware of the most important things you need to do to get back into the workforce?

Four Key Skills Every Graduate Should Know About

Here are four things you could bet that each employer is looking for when hiring recent graduates...how many do you have?

Job seeker Survival Guide to the Holiday Season

Are you in the market for a new job or a new job for 2012? Here we provide you with tips on how to get the step ahead to finding the job you desire over the Holiday Season.

Your Friendly Administrator

The Administrator is one of the most important roles in any office, we look at what the administrator does in their role and how this can be a rewarding career choice.

6 reasons why you should be a contractor

Working your own hours, having independence in your job, changing jobs every few months. Sound appealing? This is the life of a contractor and are some of the many reasons why you should consider this for your next career choice.

Top 8 Job Hunting Tips

Frustrated and confused over why you are getting nowhere in your jobsearch. Here we give you 8 tips on how to successfully search for that job.